Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Magic Flutes and Sacred Space

I went to see Stephanie Balavac and Rachel Bittner play in their flute choir, Magic Flutes, on Friday night. That's right, a 28-piece flute choir. All flutes, all the time. (OK, OK, there were a Native American drum, a keyboard and a double bass, too.) The music was unexpectedly beautiful. Steph introduced a piece that she had arranged, Mark O'Connor's "Appalachia Waltz," and there were other beautiful pieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Debussy and more... Really nice. Emily went with me and nearly fell asleep on my lap. I kept offering to take her home early, but she wanted to stay for the cookies afterwards.

The concert was held at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in San Mateo. It was a very ornate sanctuary... One of my friends calls it the "Alien Jesus Church," but I found it oddly appealing. Having been raised in such sterile Evangelical surroundings (my most formative years spiritually were spent worshipping in a multi-purpose gymnasium/auditorium), I really find myself drawn to the sacred, the mystical... I know that's kind of stereotypically "postmodern," but it's true for me.


Scott Lyons said...

Come to the dark side, Matt. It is your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Another Evangelical converting to Catholicism! No, no... I can't! I won't! It's a vast, right-wing conspiracy!

No, seriously... It's funny. Growing up, I seriously thought all Catholics were sadly deluded and clearly headed to an eternity in Hell. I thought it was all works-based religion and Mary worshipping.

I know there are elements of those abuses in Catholicism today, but I also know there are centuries of solid faith as well. My God has grown (at least in my mind) to include Catholics too. :)

Musical Monk said...

as another of those wacky converts, I must admit the lack of a cross at my old ex-supermarket church, used to make me physically ill at times (especially the Easter season).
Granted, it was the biblical truth of the Eucharist that left me no choice but to finally embrace Christ's church.

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