Monday, June 25, 2007

ECC Worship Blog

I'm now an official blogger on the Evangelical Covenant Church worship website... I'll be posting on Fridays. Check out my first post here.


wonderbox said...

matt - hey man, i was in goodwill this afternoon and the lala song came on. good to hear your voice and it made me remember when you first put that song as a hidden track on the old si album so many years ago... haha! hidden tracks... do they still do those?

ps. this is a flagrant (sp?) violation of a comment... to comment on something not at all relating to the post.

Casey said...

Matt, do you ever think about old SI days?

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh... Great to hear from you... and Casey too! Of course I think about SI sometimes... Funny, I was just listening to the CD... This Is the Stuff. What a rush of memories. How long ago, too. Josh is 12 years old. Can you believe that? And you've never even met my 5-year-old twins! Great to connect. Keep coming back!

Anonymous said...

PS - So funny that I'm on at Goodwill!

Anonymous said...

can you imagine madonna standing in an elevator and hearing the muzak version of some of her songs... that thought always made me laugh.

thankfully, the lala song was not the muzak version.

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