Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Quiet Week, Harry Potter, MNB

It's a strange week at the Nightingale home... Jacob is at Frontier Ranch for the week (Email him!) and Emily is with her grandma and grandpa in Simi Valley. Zach is going to skatecamp every morning. It's pretty quiet.

Josh and I are going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at midnight. We are very excited. It's all part of the big July 2007 Harry Potter Month! The final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is released at midnight on the 21st, and Josh and I will be at Kepler's big Potter Party to pick it up and celebrate with everyone. It's been really fun to walk through this series with him.

I'm more excited than Josh... I just re-read Books 5 & 6 in preparation for Book 7, and it's a good thing... I had forgotten a lot of the details.

I even wrote about it for the Covenant's website. Read my essay here.

In other Big News, the Matt Nightingale Band is no more as of next week. We'll be playing Higher Power in Foster City this Friday night and then Mt. Hermon all next week, and then that's the end of the band... for now. I'll continue to make music, of course, and lead worship wherever God leads. I'm very grateful for the past year and a half and to everyone I got to play with... Joey Zapantis, Josh Bubniak, Steve Young, Brad Ciraulo, and most recently... David Bromberg, Geoff Anderson, David Greco and Ugur Taner.

Peace out.


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Anonymous said...

matt - i just finished book 5 for the movie (which i am finally seeing on saturday, hopefully) and i do need to see if i can get thru 6 before the 21st. mercy, what were they thinking releasing everything so close together. it puts so much stress on the reader, haha! i am excited though. and curious. but i haven't let my curiosity give way to any internet searches that might could spoil the book for me.

Anonymous said...

matt - curious about your opinion of the movie. i was not blown away by this one... far to much was left out, and the casting of umbridge was completely wrong! that actress was in no way toadlike! anyway... i'd love to hear your thoughts.

Joshua said...

It was good playing with you too Matt. It's always something I enjoy. I wish I could explain how much your friendship and music has meant to me and what it's done in my life, but I honestly don't have that much time.

Take care.

Josh Bubniak

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