Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celebrating Life

What a glorious day! Emily Grace and Zachary Joseph are six years old today! Luanne and I have been reminiscing today about these great kids of ours... How our lives are so rich and full. Sure, it's a lot more difficult to keep the house clean these days. We don't sleep as much as we used to. Our grocery budget is through the roof. And let me tell you... the house isn't quiet very much. Far from it. But our home is alive and full of energy and fun and joy, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

Happy Birthday, Em & Zach! We are so thankful to God for you! I pray that God would continue to grow you up nice and strong, and that you would continue to grow in your smarts (kindergarten is a big, new world!), and that you would continue to grow in your knowledge and love of our great God.

My brother Micah called this afternoon to let us know that he and Nicole are parents! Eleanor Renee ("Ellie") was born today! Welcome to the world, sweet little niece! Your cousins are proud to share a birthday with you!

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