Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maybe Tonight?

From my concert back in August. Bob Seeberger made a fantastic DVD of it...


Mom & Dad said...

WOW Matt! Dad & I loved hearing you sing this. It has been so long, and we used to enjoy your performances so much when you lived around us.SIGH
I hadn't checked this site for awhile because you went so long without posting anything. The last one I had seen was your birthday.But now both of us are subscribers, so we won't miss things anymore. Love, Mom

Mona said...

Hey Matt,
Very cool video. FBC misses the Nightingale voice. Well, actually only a few people are left that have every heard you sing but still.
I have been wanting to tell you that Kaylie has a couple of your songs on her iTune. We occasionally hear her singing them and wanted to video it for you to see but I don't think she will ever let me catch her doing that.
Maybe someday you and Kaylie could do a duet with one of your songs ;) She really likes the La La song. Anyway, hope your family is well and tell Luanne I said hi.

Mona said...

I meant to say iPod not iTunes ;)

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