Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wicked Crazy Week

My parents were supposed to visit for Thanksgiving. They were going to leave Indiana on Saturday and drive(!) to California, stay for a week and then head home. Then my grandma (dad's mom) had a fatal stroke. She hung on for about a week and then died on Friday. In the meantime, Luanne's uncle Paul died on Wednesday. So mom and dad's trip got cancelled, and we ended up here in Simi Valley to be with Luanne's family. The memorial was yesterday (Lu and I sang), and we've decided to stick around and have Thanksgiving with the family.

I was sad that I couldn't go to Kentucky to be with the family for Grandma's funeral. I was the only grandchild not there, but - as my dad helpfully pointed out - I am the only grandchild who lives in California. My cousin Beth probably travelled the farthest, driving down from Michigan. And then my Aunt Carolyn had to come from Africa. (She is a missionary in Tanzania.)

I loved my grandma. Especially in the last 15 years or so. I remember riding my bike to her house when I was a kid and watching Nickelodeon. We didn't have cable at my house, and "You Can't Do That On Television" was my favorite show. I would also eat those little chalky candies and play War with her. She was a sweet lady, and she will be missed.

On the bright side, we are going to see "Wicked" at the Pantages Theater tomorrow night! Luanne and I really like the music for this Steven Schwartz show... and we're excited to see Carol Kane as Madame Morrible. Here's a great clip from the Tony Award performance of "Defying Gravity"...

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Mom & Dad said...

Yes, you live in California, but we still missed you very much. SIGH

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