Friday, January 4, 2008

Back At It

Happy 2008!

I'm back home, plugging away at life and work and family and ministry and all that good stuff. I did see Sweeney Todd. It was really great. I'm a big fan of the stage show, and I think it translated beautifully to the big screen.

January used to be kind of a down month for me. Not these days. I'm in the process of producing three differing styles of worship gatherings now... traditional, contemporary and "emergent." I love it. I know this is the direction our church should be going, so it's really cool to see us finally get started! I have a staff retreat coming up next week. Then it's to Chicago for the Evangelical Covenant Church's Worship:Connection conference worship worship pastors and leaders. Then I'll stay another 5 days for Midwinter Conference. Hopefully get to see my mom, dad, sister and brother and their families in there somewhere...

It's been crazy here... tons of rain and wind and thunder and lightning. We don't often get storms like this in California. It's kinda fun.

Also fun: These awesome blogs. They've been bringing me lots of laughs the last few days. Check 'em out.

Apostrophe Abuse
Passive Aggressive Notes
The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
Say What?!


wonderbox said...

matt - wow man. you "made" my morning. we were laughing so hard at these blog's.

Jen Ehinger said...

Apostrophe Abuse made me mad... Some of those Passive Aggressive Notes are funny though... what about ellipsis abuse?...

Anonymous said...

Love it. Apostrophe Abuse may be my favorite! No... the "blog" is. And I'm so "glad" I made your morning, Josh. Seriopsly. (I'll never forget that.)

Jen Ehinger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Ehinger said...

Oh my gosh yes! I am now officially on the lookout for improperly used quotation marks! I love good grammar.

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