Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jake's Decade Celebration

On Thursday, my son Jacob turned 10. Now at my house, turning 10 is a Big Deal. I am a big believer in rites of passage for our children, and so turning 10 requires a Decade Celebration of the first order.

Saturday was an adventure, just Jake and me. We started at Alcatraz, ate at the Hard Rock CafĂ© on Pier 39, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, went to Starbucks and Guitar Center on Van Ness, and then drove to Union City, where we ate dinner and then headed to the biggest thrill of all: iFly SF Bay. We had a ball... And it’s not as easy as it looks! The amazing Flight Instructors are like superheroes: zooming around inside the wind tunnel, flipping and soaring, diving and stopping on a dime. They make it look so easy.

And now for Jacob and me. After getting suited up, sitting through the training video and working with our Flight Instructor, we were ready to fly! But let me tell you: It’s not as easy as it looks. And kids are better at this than set-in-our-ways adults. Just to learn to relax and float on the air feels nearly impossible. The natural instinct is to tense up and try to fight the wind. All of the instructions we have received can be forgotten pretty quickly. We can panic and try to do it our own way.

Trouble is, when you fight the wind and try to do it your own way, you always lose.

I was struck by the similarity to life. When we fight the Spirit’s movement in our lives, when we forget about God’s design and instructions for life, it’s so easy to spin out of control. What could be an exhilarating flight, a thrilling adventure, becomes a wrestling match. We watched as the Instructor basically had to wrestle people into position. It was exhausting to watch! But the people who relaxed into the wind, got into the proper position and (important) watched for the Instructor’s signals... They were free to fly.

For those of us with ears to hear... :)

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wondebox said...

ok, that is the wildest thing i have ever seen. wow. i bet that was just the strangest feeling to float like that.

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