Monday, March 24, 2008

Nightingale Update

Thanks to all who have asked and prayed. Here's an update along with ways you can be praying for us.

I'm in relationship with two awesome churches: BOSS & Highrock. They are both Covenant churches, and we're all just praying for God's timing, direction and guidance. Am I the right man for their ministries? Are they the right faith communities for our family? As I consider my family and our varied needs and passions, what does God have for all of us? And it's just as likely that God has something completely different in mind for us. (Email me if you want details on these places... I'm happy to provide some specifics.)

It would be easy for us to freak out, and - truth be told - sometimes we do. A last day and a last paycheck is coming, and we still have no idea where we'll be in six months. But the truth is that Luanne and I and are family are safe in God's hands. He's the one who called us out, and He's the one who has a perfect plan for all of us.

For now I know this: I'm going to give my very best to the Lord's work at Peninsula Covenant Church for these next seven days. There will be a last band practice tomorrow night and a last choir practice Thursday night. Sunday will be a great day of worship and a chance to say "goodbye" in an official way after Sunday Night. (If you're anywhere near, come on out!) On April 10, there's a cool event at the Little Fox Theatre in downtown RWC. Luanne and I are so humbled and grateful... The Matt Nightingale Band will be playing live one last time, and there are sure to be lots of fun surprises. (Here's a link to the Evite... If you can make it, let me know and I'll get you invited.)

We'll be staying in our house until the end of April. On the 26th, if nothing at another church has come through, we'll move south to Simi Valley, where we'll live with Luanne's folks temporarily.

We appreciate your prayers. Please continue to lift us up to the Lord as we seek His next steps for us in life and ministry. Here are some ways you can pray specifically:
  • Pray for initiative for me... That I would know where to look and be diligent in my seeking and "putting myself out there."
  • Pray for clear direction from God about the places we're already in relationship with... both for the churches and for our family.
  • Pray for good financial decisions on our part - the ability to spend and save carefully during this transitional time. And for opportunities to make money - maybe guest worship leading opportunities, conferences, camps, etc.
  • Pray for us as we say goodbye to some of the best friends of our lives (still so strange to think about!). We want to spend quality time with everyone, and there's just not time. Pray for us to be able to express the reality of our love for people.
  • Pra for Josh, Jake, Emily and Zach as they, too, have to wrap up relationships and say goodbye to friends, church and school. Pray for their education. We'll be home-schooling for the remainder of this school year.
  • Pray for packing and the move.
So thankful for your friendship and support. Stay tuned!


Kim said...

You can count on those prayers. Just an aside - homeschooling is quite the challenge, but it will bind your family together like nothing else. During a time such as this - I think that is a good thing.

Jac said...

followed your facebook link here so I thought I'd say hello... again. :) I'll add your blog to the ones I normally keep an eye out for!

wonderbox said...

matt - ok as i was reading your post, i happened to glance over to the right and saw the recently listened to tracks panel - i had to laugh when i saw you had cynthia clawson "hot fire" on there. wow. i remember you singing that years ago in the office and it totally cracked me up.

anyway, i will be praying that God would make his will clear to you and that your path would be illuminated so that you will be able to see your next step.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog brought to mind a chorus I learned in Sunday School years ago. It goes something like this: "One step at at time, only one step at at time. This is the way the Lord will lead you - one step at a time. Take that one step carefully, walk that one step prayerfully, this is the way the Lord will lead you, one step at a time." As you journey day by day and as God closes and opens doors for you, I pray that you will remain centered in Him and that the peace of God will rule in your heart. Then when He flings that ONE door wide open, you will be able to walk through with such joy, knowing that this was worth the wait however long it might have taken.

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