Monday, April 14, 2008

Brief Reflections on an Amazing Send-Off

Thursday night's bash at the Little Fox Theatre was amazing. As it unfolded... as so many good friends showed up, as we shared great food and drink, as we worshipped God in song together, as people sang and played their songs and shared their encouraging words, as the PCC choir played their goofy kazoos and sang a beautiful benediction, as the Sunday At 6 Band prayed over me and as the Matt Nightingale Band played one final set... Somewhere in there I realized, This is exactly what I wanted.

It just doesn't get better than that. I think heaven's going to be like that. Mike and Nicole Hoefer, you rock, and I thank God for you. Thanks for the vision and the energy and the time and for pulling this off. I am so grateful. And thanks to everyone who sang and played and spoke and brought food and gave $ to help pay for the venue. I am honored and humbled by your love and your generosity.

Check out my Picasa album below:

Little Fox Farewell Party/Concert

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Suzie said...

wish we could have been there!


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