Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Worship Connection 4/14/08

Good Morning, Worshippers!

It's Monday morning, and I am still jobless. Funny how that works. You quit a job and then you're out of work!

One of the things I did every Monday when I was at PCC was to send an email to all of the worship ministry people... ushers, band members, choir, ambience people, etc. I called it the "Monday Worship Connection" and it was intended to get everyone on the same page... to let people know when practices were, who was in the band that week, what song the choir was preparing, who was on for connecting and so on. I also used it to remind us all that we all are worshippers of God in our daily lives... in our jobs, our families, our schools... and that we could choose to live as worshippers. That it was not only about singing or coming "to church" but that we ARE the church, wherever we are. Sometimes it turned into a chance to preach or share some kind of spiritual insight. Sometimes it was short and sometimes really long.

I miss writing to the worshippers of PCC. I no longer have to coordinate everything and everyone, and that's kind of nice... I've needed a rest for a long time... BUT I miss the connection. I used to open each week with "Good Morning, Worshippers!" and close with

"Much love and many thanks,


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