Monday, April 28, 2008


Last Sunday, Josh had a birthday party (a month early cuz he wanted to have one final bash with his Bay Area buddies) at Jump Sky High in Santa Clara. Anyway, 15 minutes into jumping, he flipped and came down wrong on his leg. It was all swollen up, and he couldn't walk on it. We didn't know what to do... We're "between" insurance companies right now. Thanks to John Dearborn, faithful Sunday Night guitarist and friend, we were able to get into his office in Fremont for some free x-rays and medical advice. Long story short, Josh has a fractured patella. (Translation: He broke his kneecap.) We ended up getting the wrong brace on Monday, so we got a new one on Tuesday. When we went for our follow-up x-ray on Friday, John said we still had the wrong kind of brace, so we went on a frantic tour of Fremont at 4pm on a Friday. There is absolutely no reason anyone had to help us, but Ken Rasmussen, of Fremont Artificial Limb and Brace, gave us the last hour of his day and a $500 brace for only $75. We are so grateful to both John and Ken. God is totally providing for us as we continue to put our trust in Him. Now Josh can get around a lot better, although he has to keep his knee totally immobilized, totally straight, for four weeks. Pray for his sanity and ours. :)

It was a week of goodbyes. Last dinners (and lunches and breakfasts) with good friends. Tuesday night, Gary, Tony and Brian took me out for an evening of memories and great food. It was so good to be with awesome friends, reflecting on all God has done in the last eight years.

Friday was loading day. Luanne and I picked up the monster U-Haul at 7am, and loading began at 10. We are so grateful to all who helped... some for just an hour or two, and some until the bitter end. Thanks to Tim & Kathy Sandquist, Gerry Skinner, Tony Gapastione, Brian Rhen, Jeff Smith, Terry Boudreau, Lorraine Tondino, Steve Bryan, Hannah Sandquist and Lindy Douglas, who was there first in the morning and left last, after attending the Roy Cloud Talent Show with us that night.

On Saturday, we finished loading the truck, again with lots of help from generous friends, and - after a prayer of blessing from John Tondino, hugs and kisses and tears - we were off. After seven hours in the moving van, we arrived in Simi Valley. Luanne's dad, her brother, Dominic, and Bruce Bruns, pastor of Simi Covenant Church, met us at our storage facility and helped us unload. We barely got it all in.

A highlight for us on Saturday was finally meeting our new nephew, Nicholas... Dominic & Lisa's baby. He joins his big, 3-year-old brother, Anthony. Little Nico is 12 weeks old, and he is awesome. The kids were excited to meet their new cousin.

Today has been all about getting settled, even though we have a lot of work still to do. Luanne and I built a loft for the kids (we have all four kids - and a hamster and a bearded dragon - in one bedroom). We cleaned out the moving van, visited the storage facility, started putting clothes away, found the cell phone chargers (very important!) and stuff like that all day... It's 12:37am as I type this, and I should be in bed... I'll get there as soon as I post.

This week will be another full one. Luanne will be meeting with people from the Simi Public School District to get the kids going on their home study programs. I fly to Redwood City Monday afternoon, and then Ugur and I are driving up to Zephyr Point (Lake Tahoe) for the Mt. Hermon staff retreat. I'm the worship leader and Mark Labberton (pastor of First Pres Berkeley and author of The Dangerous Act of Worship) is speaking. Then Thursday afternoon we'll get back into RWC and I'll say my final goodbyes and drive our Corolla down to Simi.

As far as the job/career/vocation side of things go... It's strange to be unemployed. I am looking forward to a bit of a rest here, but it can't last long. I will say that there's a very interesting possibility on the horizon. We may be heading to the Seattle area for the summer. I'll keep you posted.

We are grateful for your interest, your love and your support. Please continue to pray for us when you think of us, and please stay in touch!

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Justin P. said...

Washington? What is brewing in that mind of yours...

must be good since its still west coast.

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