Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale Musings

It's been another very full week for us. I spent Tuesday through Thursday at Lake Tahoe leading worship for the Mt. Hermon staff. It was great to reconnect with them in such a beautiful setting, and I'm looking forward to leading worship for Family Camp 8 (August 3-9) this summer.

It was awesome hanging out with Ugur one last time (although he's playing with me in August too). He's been a great friend for these past couple of years, and I'll miss him. It's always so much fun hearing people try to pronounce his name. We get "You-ger" and "Oo-ger" and all kinds of great attempts. (Note to PCC folks: It's pronounced "OOO-wer." Get it right... He's worked there for 2 years!) Ugur is always surprising me - First he turned out to be a great guitarist, then an Olympic swimmer and now a winning craps player. He won $114 at Harrah's on Wednesday. Impressive. I lost $2.50 in the slots.

We got to hear from the great Mark Labberton, speaking on the gospel of Matthew. First, walking through the genealogy in chapter one, he reminded us of the scandalously inclusive gospel... one that includes non-Jews and notorious sinners, prostitutes and me. Amazing. Moving on, he taught on the Sermon on the Mount, saying that the teachings of Jesus are meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. We have sanitized and tamed the gospel, making it palatable and non-offensive to our modern sensibilities. Challenging stuff... We're hoping to get him to speak at the Worship:Connection in Chicago next February.

Now, after a very long day of driving (Tahoe to RWC and then down to LA), I'm back in Simi. As I type, I'm sitting in the garage and we're wrapping up a big garage sale. We made a few hundred bucks and rid the house of some clutter. Luanne has been working so hard at this all week.

I'll update everyone on the job search soon. Looks like Seattle is gonna happen for the summer!


Kim said...

That's funny about Uger's name. Igor gets his name pronounced "eye-gor" most of the time, or others will spell it "Egor". I just don't get it, to me it's obvious how to spell and pronounce it! LOL

Matt Nightingale said...

Funny thing is you misspelled Ugur's name! :)

Kim said...

Oh sheesh, I'm a frickin' moron! LOL!!!

Matt Nightingale said...

Hahaha! Nah... It just goes to show you how easy it is! :)

Kim said...

Blonde... ;) That's my excuse.

Chris Holm said...

Wow Matt, I couldn't drive that far in a day! Glad to hear the staff retreat went well.
Note: You're supposed to have the garage sale BEFORE you move!

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