Thursday, May 29, 2008


Spike the Bearded Dragon is at Bob & Gina's house in Studio City.
X and Gracie, the goldfish, are at Dominic & Lisa's house in Simi Valley.
Lou and Anna, my in-laws, have our stuff in their shed in the backyard and stuffed into various nooks and crannies throughout their house.
We have a 10 x 20 storage facility in Simi Valley stuffed to the rafters with almost everything else we own.
Scamper Jr., the hamster, is here in Redwood City with the Bartoshuks for the summer.
The Corolla is staying with John & Lorraine in Redwood City.

Now the Nightingales, with just the minivan and all we could stuff into it (and the carrier on top and the bikes piled on the back) are heading to Bellevue, Washington. This is pretty fun.

[6/8/08 EDIT: The goldfish died.]


Auntie Carol said...

May your summer be a grand adventure!


Suzie said...

kinda like just leaving your nets to follow Hope you guys have an awesome summer in Washington!

Shelly Hernandez (and Juan!) said...

Matt- what a fun adventure! Can't wait to see you and meet the family at MH this summer!!!

LawsonFamily said...

drive safe!

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