Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This World *Is* My Home: Learning from N.T. Wright

Much to write about from my weekend in Houston, but I'm still processing. In the meantime, a recommendation:

Read Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N. T. Wright. I've been devouring it for the past several days. It's amazing. He deals with the true hope of the gospel... the bodily resurrection and the New Heaven/New Earth... not just some "heaven" in the sky where our souls will live forever with Jesus. What makes this so amazing to me is that we all think so wrongly about this doctrine! (Or at least I always have.) It's so elementary, so pervasive throughout the Bible, but it's still a very common pop culture/church misconception that the end result for Christians is to "go to heaven" and live there forever. I'm learning that that is UNBIBLICAL. Reading the truth from Wright is totally changing my thoughts, my actions, my language with my kids... The glorious truth of the gospel is that I will be raised to new life in the New Earth, when heaven and earth are joined together, when the New Jerusalem comes to earth. And then that impacts my living in the here and now... the way I live and share the gospel.


Justin O. Porath said...

Interesting topic. What does Wright have to say about the OT's conception of afterlife?

willtolive said...

I thought the end goal of serving Jesus was to get more money? Man, that is a downer.....

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