Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Decision Time

Newport Covenant is wonderful so far. I'm really enjoying my time with the staff, and I'll be leading worship for the first time this Sunday. The house we're living in is so nice, and we've been treated like royalty... We busted out the Nintendo Wii last night, and the kids have been in heaven ever since.

Would you please join Luanne and me as we pray about a big decision coming up? You walked with us as we decided to leave Redwood City and Peninsula Covenant, as we moved in with Luanne's folks in Simi Valley, as we moved here to the Seattle area for the summer, and as I visited churches in Boston and in Houston. Now we have an official invitation to join the Houston church plant. I wrote about my experiences at Access/Vox here.

Our hearts are definitely with Access, and we are very excited about this opportunity. We have had several excellent conversations with their leadership via iChat, phone calls and emails, and we believe we definitely fit in with them and their vision for life and ministry. Now we're faced with the decision to actually say YES or not. We have many questions, and to be honest, most of them have to do with finances. We are just weighing a lot of things... Does Luanne work? Where will we live? Is there any way we can buy a house? Do we take yet another "leap of faith" without knowing exactly how we'll make it there or is that foolish?

So there's a lot to pray and think about, as you can see. Thank you again for joining us in prayer and we welcome any insight or feedback you can give us!

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