Saturday, July 26, 2008

Staying Current

Found out yesterday that our lease application was accepted! ::Whew:: It's so good to have a Houston address!

Mom and Dad are here. They got in on Wednesday afternoon, and we've been enjoying our time together. On Thursday we went into Seattle and rode The Ducks. ("It's a party on wheels!") Yesterday it was a trip to The Northwest Trek. ("Real. Wild. Life.") I think today will be mostly hanging around the house together. Maybe a trip down to Gene Coulon Park. ("We don't have a snappy tagline.")

Our trip to California is coming so close! A week from today we'll fly down to San Jose. On Sunday, August 3, I'll be leading worship at the 11:00 worship gathering (But don't tell anyone... It's a secret!) and then heading over to Mt. Hermon later that afternoon with the family. We'll be there for a week and then fly to Washington for one more week... then it's the mad dash to Houston.

Thank God we have a house to move into!

Monday, July 21, 2008

We Want This One!

We're applying for this house in Houston. Pray that everything works out for us to get it! It would be a real relief for us to know we have a house to move into on the 22nd or 23rd of August, when we arrive in our new city.

This one is the best choice for now, but it's only a 6-month lease. The owners are going to move back into it in March. But at least it's in the right school district and it's close to Ted and the Access/Vox community. It would give us the chance to get settled in the area and figure out the next step.

The "next step." We're getting used to living like this! And we're grateful for it. At least we're not completely blind. God is with us, and a month from today we'll be driving somewhere in New Mexico or Texas, on our way home.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Luanne, Jake and Josh get home later tonight. It's been a big week, and we are grateful for all the prayers and encouragement we've received, both from Access/Vox folks and other friends and family.

Luanne's mom, Anna, was with us until Tuesday and then headed down to Tacoma to be with her sister, stepdad and other family. She flew home to Simi on Thursday.

Emily, Zach and I had a good week here at Newport. It was DayCamp week, so they were occupied from 9-2:30 every day. I got to help with a Pinewood Derby class that Zach was in, and that was awesome. Yesterday at the races he took first place in his 1st & 2nd grade division. I handily beat the other teachers, too, so we were a winning team!

Newport does an all-day DayCamp for kids 1st grade and up, with the normal curriculum (Group's Power Lab, where the kids discovered Jesus's miraculous power... "Aha!") in the morning, followed by lunch and afternoon electives. In addition to the Pinewood Derby, Zach took basketball. Emily did "Electric Dance" and crafts. We were also well taken-care-of by the Andersons. Adam is the Pastor of YAYA - Youth and Young Adults. He and Meghan had us over Wednesday and Thursday nights for dinner, so that was fun. Then they watched Z & E while I had band practice Thursday night. See Meghan's blog for a little bit of what went down over there!

My mom and dad are on their way! They left last evening and drove to Chicago. Tonight they'll stay in Minneapolis; then Bismarck; Boseman, MT; and Spokane. They'll get to our house on Wednesday afternoon! Can't wait to see them. It's been way too long. Our family was out in Indiana in October 2006, and that's the last time we were all together. The last time Luanne and the kids saw mom and dad. So it's been a long time. It will be really good to be together.

Regarding Luanne's progress in Houston... Well, it was a great time. She enjoyed getting to know the Access/Vox folks, and she is as convinced as I am of our call to Houston. But it was discouraging in other ways. She looked for housing for two solid days and really struggled to find adequate, affordable housing in areas where we're comfortable with the schools. In the end, she applied for two rental homes, one closer and one further out. We'll see how the Lord moves...

Peace out. More later.

::UPDATE:: Luanne didn't get on her standby flight from Denver to Seattle, so if you read this on Saturday afternoon, please pray that she is able to get on the next flight... after that, we don't know what we'll do. Thanks.

::UPDATE [7:45pm]:: She's now missed three flights... One more tonight she can possibly make, pre-boarding now. Praying! The boys are home with us, safe and sound.

::UPDATE [8:48pm]:: And she's on a flight home... ::Whew::

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pray for Luanne, J & J...

Luanne just made it on her first stamdyby flight of the day, from Seattle to Denver. Now she has to catch a plane from Denver to Houston a little later this morning. Please pray that she gets on! It's a rather full flight...

Josh and Jake leave for San Francisco in about two hours. Pray for them as they fly alone... and that they have a wonderful time with friends. In some ways it's been a lonely summer for them, so some great times with great friends is exactly what they need.

::UPDATE:: Funny... Luanne made it on both of her standby flights with no problems. The boys, however, had their purchased flight canceled! So we had to re-book them on a flight to Oakland. No problem. The good news is (sounds like Brian Rhen) that everyone is safe and sound. Just talked to Luanne, and she's having a great time, although she said that it is blasted hot! It's strange to think of our little family split up across three states!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here It Comes...

Our leisurely summer is quickly coming to an end.

Tomorrow Luanne's mom is coming to visit for a few days. My parents are coming on the 23rd. Josh is going to Creation for a few days. Payton Newcomb is coming to visit Jacob for a week. We head to NorCal the first week of August for Mount Hermon Family Camp, where I'll be the worship leader for the week. Ugur Taner will be playing with me, and we're excited to see the Taners and other friends througout the week. Then we have one final week here in Bellevue and we're off to Houston in a madcap trek across the country. Our last Sunday here is August 17, and the kids start school in Houston on the 25th.

But first we have to get through next week...

Luanne will be leaving for Houston on Tuesday morning. She's flying standby for free (Thanks, Lindy!), but that means I need to have her to the SeaTac airport by 4am. She will be back on Saturday. Her mission? Find a house, check out the schools, find a job. That's all. Please be praying for her mission to be off-the-charts successful!

Josh and Jake, meanwhile, will be flying that same day down to Redwood City to hang with friends for the week. They'll get to see Nate, Ty & Payton, Ian and Dalton. And check THIS out: They're going to see The Jonas Brothers. It doesn't get much more exciting for pre-teens. Please pray for safety and a sweet time connecting with good friends. And no fear on the by-themselves airplane trip.

I'll be here in WA with the twins, who have Day Camp that week. Pray for me to be a good, attentive father and a good, attentive worship pastor.

Keep checking in for updates!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good (and Legal) Free Music

Check out some cool sites:

NoiseTrade - Basically you can either pay what you want ($1-25) OR give the email addresses of 3 friends you want to share the music with. They have some great stuff! Sandra McCracken's Gravity | Love, Derek Webb's The Ringing Bell, Waterdeep's Heart Attack Time Machine and many others from the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones, Alli Rogers and Katie Herzig. Derek Webb started this site with some business partners. You can read about it all on the site. I think it's a cool thing... the wave of the future!

::UPDATE:: Sixpence None the Richer's new EP, My Dear Machine, is up here. Get it while it's hot!

Daytrotter - This site is pretty self-explanatory. Nearly every day, there's a new article/interview with some cool indie band and 3-5 downloadable live tracks. Gotta love it. I've found great stuff from Dave Bazan, Death Cab for Cutie, Erin McKeown, Jessie Baylin, Andrew Bird, John Vanderslice, The National, Of Montreal, Spoon, Rogue Wave... You get the picture.

Friday, July 4, 2008

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