Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here It Comes...

Our leisurely summer is quickly coming to an end.

Tomorrow Luanne's mom is coming to visit for a few days. My parents are coming on the 23rd. Josh is going to Creation for a few days. Payton Newcomb is coming to visit Jacob for a week. We head to NorCal the first week of August for Mount Hermon Family Camp, where I'll be the worship leader for the week. Ugur Taner will be playing with me, and we're excited to see the Taners and other friends througout the week. Then we have one final week here in Bellevue and we're off to Houston in a madcap trek across the country. Our last Sunday here is August 17, and the kids start school in Houston on the 25th.

But first we have to get through next week...

Luanne will be leaving for Houston on Tuesday morning. She's flying standby for free (Thanks, Lindy!), but that means I need to have her to the SeaTac airport by 4am. She will be back on Saturday. Her mission? Find a house, check out the schools, find a job. That's all. Please be praying for her mission to be off-the-charts successful!

Josh and Jake, meanwhile, will be flying that same day down to Redwood City to hang with friends for the week. They'll get to see Nate, Ty & Payton, Ian and Dalton. And check THIS out: They're going to see The Jonas Brothers. It doesn't get much more exciting for pre-teens. Please pray for safety and a sweet time connecting with good friends. And no fear on the by-themselves airplane trip.

I'll be here in WA with the twins, who have Day Camp that week. Pray for me to be a good, attentive father and a good, attentive worship pastor.

Keep checking in for updates!

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Steve Houwen said...


May God bless you in Houston. I pray your ministry grows in ways you never imagined.
-Steve Houwen
Life House Covenant

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