Saturday, July 19, 2008


Luanne, Jake and Josh get home later tonight. It's been a big week, and we are grateful for all the prayers and encouragement we've received, both from Access/Vox folks and other friends and family.

Luanne's mom, Anna, was with us until Tuesday and then headed down to Tacoma to be with her sister, stepdad and other family. She flew home to Simi on Thursday.

Emily, Zach and I had a good week here at Newport. It was DayCamp week, so they were occupied from 9-2:30 every day. I got to help with a Pinewood Derby class that Zach was in, and that was awesome. Yesterday at the races he took first place in his 1st & 2nd grade division. I handily beat the other teachers, too, so we were a winning team!

Newport does an all-day DayCamp for kids 1st grade and up, with the normal curriculum (Group's Power Lab, where the kids discovered Jesus's miraculous power... "Aha!") in the morning, followed by lunch and afternoon electives. In addition to the Pinewood Derby, Zach took basketball. Emily did "Electric Dance" and crafts. We were also well taken-care-of by the Andersons. Adam is the Pastor of YAYA - Youth and Young Adults. He and Meghan had us over Wednesday and Thursday nights for dinner, so that was fun. Then they watched Z & E while I had band practice Thursday night. See Meghan's blog for a little bit of what went down over there!

My mom and dad are on their way! They left last evening and drove to Chicago. Tonight they'll stay in Minneapolis; then Bismarck; Boseman, MT; and Spokane. They'll get to our house on Wednesday afternoon! Can't wait to see them. It's been way too long. Our family was out in Indiana in October 2006, and that's the last time we were all together. The last time Luanne and the kids saw mom and dad. So it's been a long time. It will be really good to be together.

Regarding Luanne's progress in Houston... Well, it was a great time. She enjoyed getting to know the Access/Vox folks, and she is as convinced as I am of our call to Houston. But it was discouraging in other ways. She looked for housing for two solid days and really struggled to find adequate, affordable housing in areas where we're comfortable with the schools. In the end, she applied for two rental homes, one closer and one further out. We'll see how the Lord moves...

Peace out. More later.

::UPDATE:: Luanne didn't get on her standby flight from Denver to Seattle, so if you read this on Saturday afternoon, please pray that she is able to get on the next flight... after that, we don't know what we'll do. Thanks.

::UPDATE [7:45pm]:: She's now missed three flights... One more tonight she can possibly make, pre-boarding now. Praying! The boys are home with us, safe and sound.

::UPDATE [8:48pm]:: And she's on a flight home... ::Whew::

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Meghan said...

bummer about Luanne's flight! Hopefully she is home tonight and we will see her tomorrow. We found something for her today, that not only will she LOVE, but I'm sure will come in very handy...
(and when you see it, I hope you are understanding my sarcastic tone)

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