Saturday, July 26, 2008

Staying Current

Found out yesterday that our lease application was accepted! ::Whew:: It's so good to have a Houston address!

Mom and Dad are here. They got in on Wednesday afternoon, and we've been enjoying our time together. On Thursday we went into Seattle and rode The Ducks. ("It's a party on wheels!") Yesterday it was a trip to The Northwest Trek. ("Real. Wild. Life.") I think today will be mostly hanging around the house together. Maybe a trip down to Gene Coulon Park. ("We don't have a snappy tagline.")

Our trip to California is coming so close! A week from today we'll fly down to San Jose. On Sunday, August 3, I'll be leading worship at the 11:00 worship gathering (But don't tell anyone... It's a secret!) and then heading over to Mt. Hermon later that afternoon with the family. We'll be there for a week and then fly to Washington for one more week... then it's the mad dash to Houston.

Thank God we have a house to move into!


Curt said...

We may not see each other in the future any more than we do now, but it'll will be comforting just to know you're so close. Looking forward to seeing you at some point.

Suzie said...

It still blows me away to see where God has taken both of our families! Hope to see you guys sometime...Texas is a lot closer to us then California! We are praying for your move to go smoothly!

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