Thursday, August 14, 2008


Thank you, Luanne, for fifteen amazing years. I'm grateful for every minute. In tribute to my sweet wife, here's a favorite song, from Derek Webb's I See Things Upside Down, "Better Than Wine." Buy the CD here or download the song here.


ted said...

Congratulations!!! 15 years. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I remember you at our wedding 30 years ago on 8/19. You were almost 7!! Wow! How much has changed!

Aunt Mochel

Big "D" said...

Greetings Nightingale Family-
Our Prayers are with you as you make this amazing relocation.
Just wanted to let you know that Maddie was in the hospital this week with an acute ear infection and in the mastoid bone. We got to bring her home on Friday - she is doing much better, but still very tired and in pain.
Please communicate our love to the rest of your family - Josh, Jake, Em and Zack... and of course, your LOVERLY bride of FIFTEEN YEARS - Congratulations!!!! We're right behind you :-)

Much Love,
The Stoll Crew - keeping it real in Columbus, Ohio

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