Monday, August 18, 2008


I love Zach so much.

Yesterday I took the kids to Coulon Park to go swimming. I noticed Zach playing with a little African-American boy for quite a while. Last night as I tucked him in, he brought up something funny his new friend had said. He told this boy he was moving to Houston and the boy said "Forever?" and Zach told him at least ten years. So the boy said something like "Well, I'll see you in ten years." And Zach thought that was really funny.

I wanted to see how he would describe his new friend to me, so I said, "I think I saw you with your friend. What did he look like?" He thought for a second and then said...

"Hmmmm... Friendly?"

I saw an African-American boy. Zach saw a friendly boy. He can teach me a lot.

We're on the road. I'm typing from a hotel in Medford, OR. Luanne will be blogging about our trip every night on our family's Houston Adventure site. Check it out here.


Meghan said...

Love this story! Your kids are so awesome!

Suzie said...

Kids are amazing this way...

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