Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Which Matt Learns Patience from Comcast

Comcast can't find our house. We waited all afternoon Saturday and the guy never came. We waited all day Monday and, despite promises by several "customer care representatives" and a supervisor, no one showed. I was on the phone this morning at 8:00 and was assured that someone would call to set up an appointment. I just called again, at 2:00 and I'm still on hold, after nearly 15 minutes. I think they've forgotten me.

They even had the nerve to tell me that their technician was at our house twice and we weren't home. He called and told the dispatcher. He was at a red brick house with white trim and a white door. Thing is, we have a brown door. And let me tell you, we've been home for HOURS waiting for this guy.

If I don't have cable, internet and phone at home tonight, I will raise holy heck.

So that explains the delay in posting. Thanks for your prayers and phone calls. We're doing well! The kids started school yesterday and seemed to do fine! I have been sitting at Panera Bread with Ted all morning... Met another church planter, Shawn Kang, from Pathways Church of Houston, then we had lunch... Now I'm just using the free wi-fi.

It's kind of an alternate universe here. Street lights are hung horizontally instead of vertically. (Being somewhat visually impaired, I have to think really hard: Green is on the right, red is on the left...) Speed bumps here are called "street humps." (What?) It's currently 93 degrees and ridiculously humid. Every time I go outside, my glasses fog up. This morning, there was a large live cockroach in our kitchen. We're not in the Bay Area anymore. :)

Oh, and this is for Meghan and Adam: Josh wants you to know his school's mascot is an Eagle.

[UPDATE: Still no solution from Comcast. They were supposed to call me back within 30 minutes. It's been 54.]


Meghan said...

Yes! That's awesome (about Josh's school mascot, not the Comcast thing)! I figured the Comcast thing still wasn't working out, since there were no Nightingale updates. I hope that gets worked out soon.
If you were still here, your glasses would just be wet from all the rain we've been getting. But we're headed to the Bay Area tomorrow, where I guess it's in the 100s.

Suzie said...

Ha! You will learn that southerners do things in their own time...and it is usually slow. I was told not to worry about the occasional cockroach, because "honey, you live in the south now..." okay... speed humps, I haven't heard that one. Do they call shopping carts buggies? And, I also have to wipe my glasses off every time I walk outside! :)

David Kennedy said...

The roaches and the heat are par for the course (the bug man every three months is pretty much a necessity).

But I can clarify the "speed hump" thing - those are the big wide speed bumps that you encounter on thru-streets, mostly in neigbhorhoods. You can usually hit 'em at about 15 mph without a problem. A "speed bump" would be the kind of narrow bump you encounter in, say, a parking garage and probably don't want to hit harder than 5 mph.

Oh, and it is definitely not a "southern thing" - it's a "Comcast sucks" thing. Good luck! You'd think those morons could adhere to the broad timetables they give you.

Matt Nightingale said...

Still no Comcast. I'm sitting outside Josh's middle school, mooching wi-fi from them. (He's bugging me to get him home!) We finally called AT&T yesterday and got an expedited install scheduled... for next Tuesday! Well, I say if Comcast doesn't call, then good for AT&T.

Oh yeah, and one more funny Houston thing. They have carpool lanes, but they're called "HOV Lanes." HOV = High Occupancy Vehicles. Talk about Acronymns Gone Wild!

Suzie said...

Yea, it's called an HOV lane here in Georgia as well. I finally asked someone after living here for about a year what it stood for!

Anonymous said...

Speed bumps are acutally called Road Humps.

Matt Nightingale said...

OK, you're right. My mistake. But "Road Humps" is still a strange name to me.

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