Monday, September 29, 2008

Overcoming Inertia with a Barrage of Randomness

Time to get off of my blogging butt and write something again. There's so much to say. I wish I were a blogging monster like my heroes: Eugene Cho, Jeffrey Overstreet and Jonathan Christopher. I honestly don't know how they do it. Is it that they're more disciplined? Probably. More obsessed? Possibly. Nevertheless, their output is impressive.

I'm reminded of a post I wrote back in August. I was basically challenging myself to write more often rather than getting caught up in writing perfectly. I am definitely a perfectionist, so I always want these posts to be profound, funny, well-written...

Anyway, I'll do bullet points. Maybe we can get caught up that way. These will be wildly random.

  • Can you believe it? A hurricane? Are you kidding me? The worst in 25 years? After we've been here only three weeks? My friend Adam (from extol at Newport Cov, where we spent our summer before coming to Houston) keeps reminding me of Jonah and Tarshish, but I'm pretty sure it's a different story for us. However, I am glad it's over. It was a scary night and a long couple of weeks recovering. And it's not back to normal, and it won't be for a long time. Don't forget us here in Southeastern Texas. I know, I know, the Great Depression of 2008 is coming, but we're still dealing with the lingering effects of a natural disaster. Please remember especially the people of Galveston and the smaller cities along the coast. They are utterly destroyed.
  • So wow... Apparently we're in a big financial mess. I tend to think in terms of micro-economics, though, rather than macro-economics. As in, "When am I getting paid again?"
  • I've been watching a new show on Fox called Fringe, from the creator of Lost, J. J. Abrams. Anyone else watching this? What do you think?
  • Has anyone ever seen Sarah Palin and Tina Fey in the same room together at the same time? I'm pretty sure they're the same person.
  • Last Monday I turned 37. It's been an eventful year. In fact, it was last year - as I turned 36 - that I kind of woke up to new opportunity and the challenge of a new life. I never dreamed I'd be in Houston a year later, and my head is still spinning.
  • I've been working on Access's new website. What do you think? Seriously. I appreciate any feedback.
  • I'm going to be hosting a Dinner/Film Club for Vox Culture. What films should I show? Beyond, of course, my four favorites: Fargo, Magnolia, Memento and Waiting for Guffman.
  • Access is launching our public worship gatherings in two weeks... October 12, to be exact. Would love your prayers for an awesome day; for many newcomers to attend; for the Word of God to be proclaimed in a powerful, relevant way; for people to feel welcome; for people to truly experience the presence of God; for the band to rock (!) and for our launch team members to be bold in inviting people!
  • Pray for my bro Tony... His step-brother was killed last Tuesday. He was 19. Pray for his family. What a tragedy... but as Tony always reminds me, through pain and joy, God is so good. (A baby sister for Isella! Woo-hoo!) New reflections here.
  • Luanne has signed up to be a Creative Memories Consultant. Buy your stuff from her!
  • Got some Amazon and iTunes credit for my b-day. Picked up albums from Mates of State, Dar Williams, Sigur Rós, Suzanne Vega, Brandi Carlile, Anathallo, My Brightest Diamond, She & Him, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss and Jars of Clay. I love music so much.
  • Luanne has written a new post at our family blog, The Houston Adventure. Check it out.
  • I'm excited to be heading to Dallas in November for the LeadNow Conference... Hope you can join me!
  • Is anyone else as excited about this film as I am? I'm also really excited to see this one.
  • Presidential Politics. Obama thinks he's gonna win. Know what? I do too. He's got my vote. Of course, now that I live in Texas, it won't count for much.
  • Finally, what is M? Find out here.
Until next time...

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Heather said...

Fringe! It's so J.J. ;o)

But I really love it - from the 3-D place names to Walter to the focus on fringe science. It's just fascinating, and I think it's really well-made. I'm starting to wonder if J.J.'s focus on this show is the reason Lost has gotten so weird, kind of like an older child who's been forgotten when the next one is on its way. But anyway, good show so far.

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