Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stormwatch 2008 - Live from Houston

We're taking down the silly video... We don't want to be flippant about something that has the potential to be so devastating.

God, protect us and give us Your peace as we weather the storm here on the Gulf Coast.


Meghan said...

waiting for guffmans got nothing on the Nightingales! love the interview Luanne!!

cori said...

You crazy Nightengales are hilarious! Love the interviews. Again, Bellevue is experiencing sunny, clear come back! But, on another note, with all the broken bones I've heard about, should your two really be on the roof?! :-)
Cori Ponte

Jim Slear said...

If you see your trees bent at 90* angles, and can't see your street due to water flowing by, stay upstairs in the bath tub.

May He watch over you and protect you.

David Kennedy said...

Good luck to you and your family, Matt. If you're looking for the upside, it's been 25 years since something like this happened to Houston. Here's hoping it'll be another 25 before the next one. Either way, you'll be a REAL Houstonian now (me too, for that matter)!

We're riding it out up in Humble with my sister and her family. God bless everyone in Ike's path.


Erin K. said...

We are praying for you! I hope you were able to safely ride out the storm, and pray that God will be with you as you begin the clean up and recovery process.

Jennie said...

Praying for you all in a big way!

Matt Nightingale said...

Thank you so much, all of you! It was a crazy time... but God was and is with us through it all. Thanks for your love and prayers.

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