Sunday, November 23, 2008

Give Thanks

This morning in worship at Access, we encouraged folks to come forward and write words of thanksgiving on stones. The stones were collected in a glass jar and offered up to the Lord… kind of like building an altar to Him. Here are some of the words written on the stones:

Thank you, God, for my loving parents and family.

The Lord is my shepherd - nothing I lack. He guides me and protects me. I am His and He is mine.

Grateful for a refreshed understanding of God’s abundance and trustworthiness vs. my fears and doubts.

For joy, hope and truth.

Wisdom in being parents, faith, growth, provision…

Education and the ability to truly pursue my dreams.

Thank you, God, for the love and health of my family.

Thank you for a job in a time of recession.

Access for the love and support during a hard time.

Deep relationships that teach you about life.

God’s indescribable grace and love He gives freely. The wonderful people in my life that have helped me both in the best and worst times.

Jobs, husband, family.

I am thankful for simply being alive and the opportunity to start a new life.

During this Thanksgiving week, let’s continue this outpouring of gratitude here on the blog. Use the comments to say what you’re thankful for.

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Meghan said...

Our FUN friends that we spent the summer with, and now miss and wish we were spending Thanksgiving with!

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