Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael Roe at Access

I could, and will someday, write a lot about Michael Roe, one of my favorite artists. He writes songs that speak to my soul in a way that few songs ever do. His guitar skills are unparalleled, and his voice is one of my top five male voices. Ever. And that's saying an awful lot, because I am a picky, picky man.

He was also the producer of my 2005 record, Still Standing. He, Mark Harmon and Bruce Spencer, who comprise the amazing band The 77s, played guitar, bass and drums, respectively, for my record. It was a really fun time, traveling back and forth from Redwood City to Sacramento for 2- and 3-day stints in Mike's apartment and Ralph Stover's house to record the tracks and put it all together.

Anyway, Mike and I have stayed in touch. I had one of his bands, The Lost Dogs, play at Peninsula Covenant Church back in 2006, and just this last Monday night, I had Mike play a solo show at Access. It was really a wonderful evening... Here's just a taste, a song called MT from The 77s' Sticks and Stones record... Enjoy!

And here are a few shots courtesy of my friend Ted: Mike solo & Luanne and I joining him for my song "Satisfied Forever."

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