Monday, November 3, 2008

The Night Before

We had a great time with Access on Sunday, serving an organization called SEARCH. I blogged about it for Access's website here.

Luanne and I just sent out our latest e-newsletter. If you're interested in being on our prayer and/or financial support team and receiving monthly updates, please email me here.

We had a great time trick-or-treating on Friday night! Pictures here.

Tomorrow's a big day in American politics. A few really interesting reads for those of you still on the fence: from Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, and from Derek Webb, prophetic singer/songwriter. And remember, friends... No matter who you vote for, and no matter who wins this election, Jesus Christ is Lord. Yesterday, today and forever. We don't place our hope in any man, any politician, any political party or even any country. Only in Christ is our hope found. Let's vote our consciences; trust in Jesus; and pray for and support tomorrow's winner.

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