Monday, November 10, 2008

Unexpected Gifts

I love it when God gives us gifts that are totally unexpected. The Over the Rhine concert last Wednesday night was like that. I knew I was flying to North Park for meetings all day on Thursday, but it was a real surprise to find out that I had tickets to a concert that night... and that the concert was by my favorite band, Over the Rhine!

Here are some shots from the show...

And another fun surprise was seeing Jenny and Holly from PCC!

My camera was acting up, but I managed to capture a tiny clip of Karin singing "Ohio"...

Then this last weekend was another cool "God surprise." Josh was IMing a friend from his old class in RWC named Chandler. Turns out, Chandler's family was coming to visit their relatives here in Houston! So Saturday Josh got to spend the night with Chandler's family and go to the Body Worlds exhibit and the Texas Renaissance Festival.

And we have more to look forward to! Josh and Jake's friend Nate is coming to visit later in November; Martha Prewette is flying through Houston a week from today, so Luanne and I get to have lunch with her at the Houston airport; we have the Michael Roe concert tonight; I'll see Tony and a bunch of young adults from PCC as Ted and I attend the Lead Now Conference in Dallas later this week (watch for Tony in the promo video... right after Donald Miller!); and VOX POP is coming! Not to mention a week in Seattle right after Christmas to lead worship again at Newport Covenant!

Life is rich, and God is good.


Suzie said...

Unexpected gifts are the best! They always seem to come right when we need them as well! Thanks God for providing these!

Meghan said...

can't wait to hang out with you guys again!! wondering what Christmas WEs are like?
hope all goes well tonight!

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