Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Retrospective + Who Are You People?

I'm enjoying my newest widget. Feedjit enables me to see who's checking out my blog and how they're finding me. It's kinda fun. I'm averaging 23 unique visitors every day. Welcome, Everyone!

It's funny, because I don't really have a focus for this blog. My blogging hero, Curt, who unfortunately doesn't blog anymore, encouraged me to find a topic and stick to it. But that's challenging to me. So over the past year I've blogged about our family's decision to leave PCC, my ministry dreams, candidating in Sacramento and Boston and Houston, our family's adventures from the SF Bay Area to LA to Seattle to Houston, our new church/nonprofit, Hurricane Ike, friends, trips (here and here), kid accidents (here and here and - just yesterday - here), politics (finding myself on Beliefnet and Matthew 25 Network in the process), addiction and recovery and car insurance... oh yeah, and music and art. I wrote a post about the Art*Music*Justice Tour that has had quite a few visitors (Including Mr. Charlie Peacock himself! He even emailed me... a very nice surprise.)

In my defense, those things all fit very nicely into "Life. God. Art." Now, on to the "Discuss."

According to Feedjit, I've had visitors from California; Massachusetts; Washington; South Australia (!); Queensland (!); Ohio; Texas; Illinois; Canada; Michigan; Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania; New Hampshire and Colorado in the last few days. I often get people searching for the lyrics to "Center" by Charlie Hall. (As of this writing, I'm #1 on Google for this search. So if Charlie Hall sees this: Hello! Please check out a few of my worship songs, record one of them on your next album and help me send my four kids to college!) Sometimes people click through from friends' blogs... Tony or Bristol or Meghan... or maybe from the Covenant worship blog. Sometimes people find me via the Access blogroll. And then there's always Facebook. I import my blog as Facebook notes.

So here's a question and a request: Who are you? Would you take a moment and leave a comment? If you're not registered with Blogger, that's OK... You can do it "anonymously" and just let me know who you are and how you got here. Maybe that can jump start the "discuss" part of this blog.

(Thanks to Tony, Suzie and Meghan, who often comment on what I write. I'm grateful!)


mamajoyCarol said...

Carol Kerr, I'm gratified to see how God brought you to PCC, and helped effect change in so many areas of worship there. I'm hooked! I want to continue to see God at work in all of your lives.
with blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

This is Bob and Kathy Segar from Gold Bar, Washington-- Bob is Luanne's cousin and we have your blog bookmarked to keep updated on family-Aunt Anna usually sends us links to check out however :)
We love your blog!
Take Care.
The Segars

Matt Nightingale said...

Awesome! Hi, Carol and Segars! Glad you're here. Merry Christmas!

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