Saturday, December 20, 2008

That's My OTHER Boy...

Josh was "freerunning" today at the park. His depth perception apparently was off a tiny bit, and he crashed his head into a teeter-totter (or a see-saw... apparently that's what they call it here!) and bled all over the place. We took him to see a P.A. friend (Thanks, Jerry!) and then over to Urgent Care for two staples in his head. He is SO proud of his injury!

Here are a few pics:


Meghan said...

nice! Cori doesn't have a staple pull, so she can't take them out, but she said she will recommend a place to take him

Matt Nightingale said...

Cool. Whatever. If I have to, I'll just get a staple remover from Office Depot. A little rubbing alcohol will take care of any infection. :)

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