Monday, December 8, 2008

VOX POP & The Beauty of Collaboration

It was a great event... Here are some pics:

This was my favorite moment: Four artists from diverse life cirumstances and ethnic/religious backgrounds created a collaborative work around the theme of "Hope." It was so cool to watch it come together. Here's the finished product by Dune-Micheli Patten, T.K. Ahn, Morris Molina and Ayad Fadel. (Love the international flava... African-American, Korean, Spanish/Mexican & Iraqi!)

More pics at TK & Gerry's Picasa, Christine's Picasa, Ted's Flickr and my MobileMe Gallery.


Tony's 2 Cents said...

beautiful bro. Loving the kingdom arts. Missing you big time around this time..but happy thinking of you a lot less busy and stressed leading simpler more organic gatherings celebrating Jesus in a total different way this Christmas--at least hoping that's true :)

Meghan said...

loved the pictures! looks like it was amazing

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