Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol

My TV viewing has expanded this spring. I'm a longtime fan of The Office and Lost (Check out Long Live Locke for a great Lost blog), and now you can add me to the ranks of American Idol fans.

Has anyone been watching American Idol this season? I've never watched this show before, not even one episode. Maybe it was a kind of protest, I don't know. But this season I started recording it, and over the last week and a half, Luanne and I got caught up. It's been pretty fun.

I know it's way too early to know anything, but my early favorite is Danny Gokey. What a guy. He's a church music director... I like him already! And what a story. His wife died just four weeks before his initial audition, and his best friend Jamar Rogers was a favorite contestant of mine as well... Still can't BELIEVE the judges dumped him in favor of the completely forgettable Brent Keith, the "am I a second-rate comedian or a third-rate singer" Nick Mitchell or the "will I remember the words this time, and who really cares when I'm just singing bad Michael Jackson karaoke?" Stephen Fowler.

Tatiana Del Toro is an emotional wreck, and I can't believe she made it into the Top 36, but when she calms down, she actually has a great voice, and I think singing Whitney last night was a good choice, even if the judges weren't all that impressed.

[UPDATE: Good for Danny. He's in the Top Twelve. And check out this stuff about him... Very cool. He's a follower of Jesus, and he's using his fame and influence for a good cause... a foundation set up in honor of his late wife. Here's his church and the foundation.]


judyb said...

Danny actually reminds me of you, Matt! As your singing tops his in my book, makes me wonder why we haven't seen you in those tryouts!

Matt Nightingale said...

Thanks, Judy... I've heard that a few times but I didn't notice it myself... I think he sounds like Bob Carlisle. Anyway, I'd love to audition for AI, but I'm just too ancient. 28 is the age limit. I'm holding out hope for "American Idol: Silver Edition." :)

Meghan said...

According to the boys, who are true Matt Nightingale music fans, Danny LOOKS like you, but doesn't sound like you.

Tracey Morris said...

I look forward to your future Idol commentary Matt. I've always wanted you to like Idol. :) Am waiting too, for you to audition for the Idol Silver Edition. You'd rock.

Nicole said...

The Hoefer's are also glad you're fianlly on the AI bus. Danny is a top rate fellow from what we can see. He definitely reminds us of you but to me I see a LOT of Robert Downey Jr. in his appearance too... A Matt, RDJ hybrid... I also agree that Matt's pipes out-perform Danny's but Danny sure has a chance to win this year! We're pulling for him! I like him ALMOST as much as I liked Chris Daughtrey. I'm sure in a couple of weeks, he'll catch up in my book... ;)

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