Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Leader's Gracious Response

It's been a challenging week for the Nightingales and for the Access community, but God is good. He loves us all so much, and He has an amazing plan. We are finding grace and love even as we walk through the pain of yet another transition and everything it brings along with it.

Yesterday you read my words. Today I'll post my friend and ministry partner Ted's...


Dear Access Community,

Over the last seven months we have been deeply blessed by Matt Nightingale’s ministry and the presence of Luanne, Joshua, Jacob, Emily, and Zachary in our community. With Matt’s leadership we were able to launch and sustain our new worship gathering on Sunday mornings. We’ve been able to make new connections through Vox Culture. We’ve also had the benefit of Matt’s teaching and insight, especially in the areas of brokenness and healing. That is why it is with great sadness that we learn that it is time for their family to transition to a new setting.

In the Kingdom of God there are those who walk with us for a short season and there are those who travel with us for a longer distance. The length of our partnership is not always under our control, but we recognize that God is the one who determines our course and we take comfort that we are all part of his greater Kingdom.

We genuinely wish the Nightingale family well as they seek out their next steps and what assignment God may have for them. They leave our community on good terms, and our leadership will definitely miss Matt’s contributions. Please pray for Matt, Luanne, and their children during this difficult time of change in their lives. We are grateful for the risks that they have taken to join our community and to serve with us, and we hope to see them be a genuine blessing to whatever community they enter in the near future.

With Matt’s transition questions about future leadership and ministry are probably on your minds. I think the best thing for our entire community is to spend this season in prayer, asking God to continue leading us and providing for the needs of our mission.

Here are some thoughts on the next steps for our community.

What is the transition timeline for Matt’s ministry?
Matt’s last official day of employment will be May 31st. For the next two months we hope to develop and raise our leaders involved with Sunday morning ministries. Matt will also be searching for his next call to ministry.

What can we expect to happen with our Sunday gatherings?
Although we will miss Matt’s leadership, we hope to continue with things as usual. We also hope to take some next steps in developing and adding more creative elements into our Sunday mornings.

Will we be hiring new staff?
We will begin the search for a new staff member immediately. We also plan to add interns to our ministry beginning in the summer.

Will Matt’s transition change any of our ministry goals for 2009?
In our mission message in January we identified four areas that we would like to develop this year.

1) Vox Culture/Community Groups
We had planned for 6 Vox events in 2009. Our Vox team will have to evaluate this and see what is possible for the rest of the year. The possibility to diversify and innovate with our events remains. Our community groups will continue but we will need more help with supervision and care of leaders.

2) Sunday Gatherings
We still plan on doing a worship service launch in a new location in September. This is a great time of the year to introduce people to our ministry and we will press toward this goal.

3) Small Group Ministry
We have already launched this ministry in February, and we excited about the growth we’ve been experiencing with our groups. We are planning for more groups to start soon.

4) Discipleship and Leadership Training
In this area we hope to begin more work on an overall discipleship plan in the Fall. We also plan to put more emphasis on developing our leadership community over the next several months. We hope to build a healthy and nurturing environment for those who serve at Access.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Matt’s transition or our next steps, do not hesitate to talk with the Lead Team.

Thank you for partnership in the mission!


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Melissa said...

I met Ted at his Assessment Center several years ago. He is an honorable man, revealed in this letter. I'm glad you've had the privilege to work with him and he with you. Blessings on you as you embark on this new journey, new chapter - and new extension of your high calling.

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