Saturday, March 28, 2009

Live Blogging from Vox Populi

2:00 - Vox Populi is here. Last night was an amazing experience... a beautiful display of diversity in style, texture, background, colors, experiences... from avant-garde improvisation with flute and trumpet to smooth acoustic pop, from urban bboy poetry to African travelogue... It was really sweet. So glad to be here and part of the experience. Check out some video footage on the Vox website.

I'll be live blogging throughout today... Lots more cool stuff from Bobby Bang!, Leah Shearer and Remembering Carthage as well as more great visual arts, food and coffees and information on our cause, Floresta...

2:10 - Sound troubles, but we'll be fine, cuz Alex Chao is large and in charge. Bobby is on in 20. Hope there are kids here!

2:18 - Sound is fixed. Now bring on the kids.

3:19 - Bobby rocked. Enough kids to be cute and have fun. Picking up his book now and getting an autograph. (Yes, we're getting one for you, Andersons!) Next up... Leah Shearer.

3:51 - Ted just highlighted two of our artists, Allison Merriweather and Chandana Paravastu. Leah's up soon.

4:40 - Leah played a couple of nice originals and covered some great songs, displaying fabulous taste... Kasey Cambers, Patty Griffin, Neil Young... I'll post some video tonight. Super nice girl too... She plays at Potbelly four days a week. Check it out!

5:25 - Middle of the dinner break. Nice just hanging out with people and listening to my cool iPod mix... (I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I am the greatest creator of iPod playlists to ever exist.) The guys from Remembering Carthage just showed up. I'm taking Jake out for some dinner. Be back soon... Is anyone reading this?

6:32 - Jake had a sandwich and I had a salad. Now we're back at Vox. Ted is talking about the mission of Vox Culture and Christine & Michelle are about to talk about their trip to Tanzania and our cause for the weekend: Floresta. Remembering Carthage is up at 7.

6:56 - People grabbing a bite and some coffee, getting a breath of fresh air outside. It is a little funny to be in a dark room all day long. Ted was saying it's screwing with his sense of time...

7:28 - Remembering Carthage is playing. Very cool stuff. Kind of a cross between Dashboard Confessional and Jason Mraz. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion (djembe, cajon, cymbal) and electric guitar. Especially digging this song "Take It All To Heart." Wish I had recorded it.

8:08 - Show's over. Thanks, everyone... Meghan! Thanks for caring. :) Jake is so hyper. I'll get photos and video up later tonight.

Huge thank yous to Michelle, Greg, Christine, Alex, Ted, Mike Chen, the folks from It's a Grind, Jin, all the Access folks who pitched in, Jacob (yes, my Jacob), the bands and artists... I'll let you know when I have some $ totals.

11:30 - Sitting in bed processing pictures and videos for this blog, Youtube, Facebook, the Vox website... Can't sleep anyway. I'll insert some photos/vids above. My favorite picture of the night... Jake throwing ice in the air to make it snow in Houston. Again!


Meghan said...

yay! you're awesome!! and yes, you do make the best ipod playlists EVER. I think it's your spiritual gift

Meghan said...

and I'm wondering what you had to bribe Jacob with to get him to help?

Matt Nightingale said...

Nothing! That boy is awesome... he jumps in and helps out wherever he goes. BUT it is true that he got a lot of sweets...

Amy Law said...

Good job on Vox Pop, it was awesome!

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