Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finishing Strong

Here I am again, walking the fine line... Knowing that my time at Access is short, wanting to love and serve the people of this community well... and at the same time praying, seeking, searching, hoping for the "next step" in this journey to come, and soon.

It's a place I've been before. I've written pretty extensively about it here and here on this very blog. It's not comfortable, that's for sure, but it's the place that God has me and my family for now. And so my prayer, again, is to live this calling well, to finish strong, to be fully present as I serve Access. Just because I won't be their pastor much longer doesn't mean I'm not their pastor now. And honestly, I know I will continue to be a pastor to some of these awesome people long after I'm gone - because of the great relationships we've built and the life we've shared. I continue to be grateful for the love and support we feel even from the community we're leaving. This is how followers of Jesus walk through transition! This is good.

Many have asked: Our family is doing well. Still in the dark in a lot of ways, but God continues to give light to our path, one step at a time. Luanne and I often wonder how this will all work out, and sometimes we notice the signs of stress in our kids a little bit, but we all know that wherever we are, we're home - as long as we're together and as long as we are following Jesus. We're confident that He is at work in this situation.

I had a phone interview earlier this week with a church I'd be really excited to serve, and we're waiting to hear whether or not we'll candidate. We certainly appreciate your prayers and support.

::UPDATE:: Looks like Luanne and I will most likely be visiting in the next few weeks to get a feel for the church and community. I got the email minutes after publishing this post. Thank God!

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