Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thoughts on Personhood Inspired by Susan Boyle

Many, many people have already blogged and tweeted all over themselves praising Susan Boyle's performance in Britain's Got Talent this season. And for good reason... It's a really fun, uplifting story. Susan has gone - nearly overnight - from a frumpy, middle-aged, unemployed, never-been-kissed nobody to a worldwide celebrity with a fansite and everything. Will she get a makeover? Some say she shouldn't, and some say she should. Even the big stars are weighing in. Ashton and Demi tweeted about it. Patti LuPone, the Broadway star who originated the role of Fantine in Les Miserables in London's West End (Patti's rendition here.) was on CBS This Morning, saying that the performance brought her to tears and wishing Susan luck.

Eugene Cho has a great post about seeing the inner beauty in people rather than judging by outward appearance. And then he reminds us of the Bible's teachings on these things... Check it out here.

Why do we love these stories? (Remember Paul Potts? Same story, different gender...) I know for me, it's a reminder that no matter what people may think about me, no matter what I may think about myself, no matter the successes or failures I've had in my life, no matter whether I'm hearing yes or no from churches I apply to... I have value. I'm not defined by these things. There's a little bit of Susan Boyle inside of me too... that Imago Dei - "Image of God" - that will not stay buried forever.

I remember what Brian Rhen taught me to say to my kids... A great little theology of personhood that you can teach even your babies... First, grab a hand and shake it while you say, "God made me." Then grab the other hand and say, "God loves me." Move to a leg. "God has a plan for me." Other leg: "God will help me."

Get that? Man, do I need to hear that sometimes. You do too. Say it with me:

God made me.
God loves me.
God has a plan for me.
God will help me.

Susan Boyle is a beautiful creation of God. She is loved deeply, and God has a plan for her. God is there for her with everything she needs if she will only turn to him... Look at how he's reminding us ALL of that...

I dreamed a dream - Susan Boyle from Phuc Mai on Vimeo.

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