Sunday, May 31, 2009


Even though I only have a moment here at the mall (our internet service is shut off now since we're moving on Thursday), I wanted to at least post a few pictures and say what a great young man my firstborn is. I'm so proud of him and so glad God gave him to Luanne and me.

PCC, circa 2001. Josh is second from the right. Can you name the other kids?

1999. Four years old. We were at Disneyland. He got off of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and said "I don't like fast trains."

May 2009. On a real, live Texas ranch with youth group friends from MDPC.


Judy said...

I think the three on the left are Jake, Heather and Sadie, and is the little boy on the left Peyton (or one of his brothers?)

Matt Nightingale said...

Good call on everyone but the boy on the right. Not a Newcomb. Any more guesses?

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