Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Great Sell-Off

We are leaving Houston two weeks from tomorrow, but we've been packing for several weeks now already. We're using PODS ("Portable On Demand Storage") this time around, and when our house flooded last month, we had the first POD delivered early. Figured we might as well pack that instead of putting everything back in place in the house.

As we've packed it, we've decided that we're going to try to fit everything into one POD. It will save a lot of money on storage and moving costs, and it'll help us to downsize... to strip it all down to what really matters. What doesn't fit in the POD, we'll drive with us to California in the van and the car.

But no matter how we try, we can't get it ALL in, so we're having a moving sale Friday morning. I posted it on Craigslist. Come help us make a few bucks and get rid of some things! Dining room table? We got it. TV? Mountain bike? Refrigerator? Step right up. Futon? Everybody needs a futon, right?

Here are some links to individual items and photos of most of the big stuff we're selling...

Trek Women's Mountain Bike

Dining Room Table & Chairs

Kids' Desk

Christmas Tree


Meghan said...

you sure you don't want to drop the table off at our house on your way to CA? Good luck! Hope you sell lots and make some spending money for the road!

Matt Nightingale said...

um... we'd LIKE to, but... well, that's a little out of the way... maybe you'd like us to ship it?

Meghan said...

I'm sure that wouldn't cost too much! Isn't Washington on the way to CA via Houston?

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