Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Luanne!

On May 5, 19__, at 7:34am, my sweet wife, Luanne, entered this world. Thanks be to God.

Check out these awesome pics... She looks so much like our Emily!

And here are a couple from tonight's little celebration...

Now we're leaving the kids and heading out to Taste of Texas... Thanks to a generous birthday gift card! People tell us we're in for a treat!


Victor said...

holy smokes... Luanne and Emily are carbon copies! Happy Birthday Luanne! I hope your family treats you fittingly! :)

Tony's 2 Cents said...

Happy Birthday Luanne!!!

I referenced in in my blog that I'm posting tomorrow...Hilarious thing that happen on Sunday..you'll see..

and..Josh looks 25. It's almost a vision of what he'll look like when he's older.

did you get my VM?

Luanne said...

The cake looks like it's on fire and we didn't even have all the candles we should have!

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