Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nightingale Update - 5/3/09

Here are excerpts from an update email we sent out tonight. We are grateful for the love and prayers we know are surrounding us during this time of real uncertainty in our family.


Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update from the Nightingales. We appreciate your love, friendship, prayers, support...

It's been a challenging week. On Monday night Houston experienced a deluge... 10 inches of rain fell in just about 4 hours. Our old house couldn't keep the water out, so we had 1-2 inches of water over most of the floors in the house. It was quite an experience, waking kids up and throwing stuff up on beds, tables, couches... We are thankful that more was not lost, but we did see significant damage done to some really precious things: yearbooks, kids' memorabilia, many of my books, etc. We stayed with the Laws Tuesday night while the house dried out a little bit.

After some really intense wrangling with the landlord, we're grateful to be able to stay in the house through June 4 for free. The downside? We have to do all the cleaning, etc. for ourselves. But it's almost done, really... and totally worth the money we'll save. Now please join us in praying for no more hard rain in Houston until we leave! The landlord tells us he'll likely be demolishing the house as soon as we're out.

Last time I wrote I shared about the churches we were in conversation with. Let me update you and ask for your continued prayers...

[A bunch of stuff here about the specific churches we're talking to...]

We'll be leaving Houston on June 5... Then it's on to California! Please pray for our safety and for a good time of being together as a family. Of course, your prayers for the next job are greatly appreciated. It's a journey of faith for sure, and we're trying to trust in God as we wonder what in the world is next and how He will care for our family. I'm wide open to the possibility of working in a "civilian" job if I don't find the right church position soon. Pray that that would be clear to us and that God would provide.

Thanks so much.


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