Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apple Rocks

Tragedy struck my house on Friday when my 120G iPod Classic wouldn't turn on. I thought perhaps I had run the battery down, so I plugged it in for 4-5 hours and then came back to it. All I could get was the Circle of Death. I can't even find a picture of it online to show you... It was a red X with a circle around it and a website address for tech support.

I called. The guy had a great bedside manner... Talked to me like I was receiving a terrible diagnosis: "Sir, I'm sorry to tell you, but everything on that iPod is gone forever. Irretrievable."

WHAT? 20,000 songs. I'm not kidding. Years of accumulating music. Yes, I had some of it backed up, but nowhere near all of it.

Long story short: Yesterday, after being informed that the damage was my fault and that my warranty would not be covering it, I was patched through to a guy who understood. I told him that this little machine was my Preciousssss. (Yes, I'm a little Gollum-like in this regard.) I said there was no way that I had ever damaged this iPod. I told him I own a MacBook Pro and that our family has had 8 different iPods over the past several years. I told him I've spent thousands of dollars in the iTunes store. I told him I had been raving to my friends and online about Apple Care.

He thought about it. And then SCORE! He said they'd be sending me a replacement. As a "show of good faith" because I'm a good Apple customer.

These people are GOOD. Buy Apple products.


Meghan said...

and a big AMEN! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Apple! (although, when I spilled coffee on my keyboard and it stopped working, it was indeed my fault and alas they would not replace it)
Have a safe and fun road trip!! Keep us posted!

SLA said...

Yes, Apple does well. I hope that that is also true for you as you move again. As the song I did not sing as you left, but I did give the words to you, said fear no evil because jesus came to save and not to judge plus he is also guiding us toward what is best for him and us..

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