Monday, July 6, 2009

A Little Taste of Heaven at the Greek

A couple weeks ago, thanks to the connectedness and generosity of our friend David Greco, Luanne and I found ourselves at the Greek Theatre to witness the "Three Girls and Their Buddy" Tour. Shawn Colvin, Emmylou Harris and Patty Griffin are the "three girls," and you couldn't ask for a sweeter trio of Americana angels. Buddy Miller is the "buddy," and while sweet isn't exactly the word I'd use to describe him, he is perhaps the hardest-working man in music. The guy is everywhere - producing, playing, singing, writing... He doesn't look or act like a star, but he's one of the most talented musicians I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live.

The format for the show was simple: Four singer/songwriters sitting around swapping songs and playing together. They took turns choosing songs and singing lead. The highlight for me was hearing Shawn Colvin perform "Trouble" - It's a brooding, dark song with a percolating guitar part and disturbing lines... "You don't have to drag me down: I descend."

Emmylou was the unofficial hostess of the evening, holding court with a kind of regal majesty, crown of silver hair and all. She kicked things off with "To Know Him Is To Love Him," from the original "Trio" album. Shawn and Patty filled in nicely for Dolly and Linda, and the spell was cast. She followed with "Red Dirt Girl," one of her lesser-known recent gems. Shawn sang "Twilight" at the perfect dusky moment. Buddy and Patty ripped it up with "Gasoline and Matches." I missed Julie, but Patty rocked.

Patty is coming out with a gospel album produced by Buddy, and she sang a few of those tunes. She said it's a "lapsed Catholic gospel record." I look forward to it. Her original song - not sure of the title - was lovely.

When we arrived and went to will call, we were told that our tickets were at the Redwood Room entrance. Turns out David had gotten us VIP passes through some of his awesome friends, and we got to mingle in the hospitality room with the important industry people! You gotta love free beer, wine, cheese, fruit... oh, and meeting Patty Griffin. I was close to talking to Shawn Colvin, but thought better of it as I watched her try in vain to get away from an annoying fan.

It was a great night. Thanks, David and Ben!

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David Kennedy said...

Good grief! Your move seems to be working out so far ;)

Bob Lefsetz was similarly blown away:

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