Friday, July 10, 2009

No Not One

Getting ready to rehearse with the worship band at First Baptist Church of Los Altos tonight. It'll be a good Sunday... We're still not sure where we're going to end up, but I know we're in good hands. And I know wherever we land, I'm gonna be introducing this song... I love it.

Christy Nockels has been recording with her husband Nathan as Watermark for a long time, and she has been a huge part of the Passion conferences and recordings. She just released her first solo record, "Life Light Up." I listened to it a lot as we drove from Houston to Simi Valley last month... For whatever reason, it's becoming a big part of the soundtrack of my summer. You can download the record here and purchase the CD here.

Listen to this song and see if it doesn't bring some joy into your day as you remember the amazing love God has for us.

No Not One

Christy Nockels & Brandon Heath

No better word than from Your lips
No perfect life than what You lived
No greater gift, no not one
No brighter star has ever shined
No better hope for all mankind
No higher mind, no not one
And no one has ever known
This kind of love You've shown

There has never been a greater love
Than Your Son
No, not one
And there will never be a name above
No, not one
And with His life You have forgiven us
Hope has come
Hope has come
And there will never be a greater love
No, not one

No image true or sweeter frame
No simple word can match Your name
No greater fame, no not one
And no one has ever seen
The depth of Your majesty

No greater call - You gave us all a reason to live
No greater love - You gave us all a reason to give
No greater life - You gave us all a reason to shine
No greater love - forever mine!

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Dusten Ridings said...

We are very big Christy Nockels fans and were very blessed to see her live backing up Chris Tomlin in concert. She even sang a couple by herself. Christy has an unmatched quality and sound. To hear some of the back stories behind her music as well as Watermark just proves how real she and her husband are they write there life and experiences with Christ to music and it is awesome!!! Well worth the purchase and may the music touch your hearts.

Wish we would have known you were in Los Altos we have family friends involved in music there and I'm sad we missed seeing you so close. Hope that you find where God wants you to be soon be nice if you were close again as I really appreciate your heart, love and passion for music, God's people, and HIS ministry.

One of your long lost music students...

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