Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scattered... Again

Back in May of 2008, I wrote about the crazy journey my family was on. We felt very scattered, but we were excited to be "on mission" with Jesus, even though we didn't know where we'd end up.

We spent the summer in Seattle and the school year in Houston. Little did we know we'd still be on our sojourn in July of 2009.

I'm writing from Simi Valley, where we're living with Luanne's parents. Our stuff is all in storage in Houston. Luanne is in Redwood City for the week, staying with a friend. Thanks to Simi Covenant Church (again), Jacob is at Alpine Camp for the week with his friend, Nate Bartoshuk. (After spending two weeks with Nate up in Redwood City.) This last weekend, I traveled to Kansas City for a great weekend with a prospective church there. And Friday Luanne and I will travel to Redeemer Covenant Church in Tulsa again for an interview and working with their choir and band.

Our lives are full and certainly exciting. But man, are we ready to settle down and be home, wherever home may be. We trust in God and eagerly await His plans to be revealed, and we are grateful for your prayers and support as we walk this road.

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Meghan said...

You could spend this school year in Seattle...
No, I will never give up hope!

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