Monday, August 24, 2009

Did I Just Buy a Lawn Mower?

Thanks to Moving Crew #2 (Mike, Evan & Bill), a borrowed truck (Joe), two awesome Craigslist folks (Katie & Danny), my manly eldest son (Joshua) and Wal-Mart, we are pretty much moved in! (And of course, Luanne, who masterminded the whole thing, and Jake, Emily and Zach, who helped however they could all day long...)

It'll be a while before we're settled. There are still tons of boxes and things to unpack, stereos and computers to hook up and so on, but it's feeling good.

And I actually got a nice washer and dryer and a complete lawn care set (mower, weed eater, hedge trimmer and leaf blower) all for only $300 on Craigslist tonight! Never had to buy a mower before. It's going to be fun to be a home owner!

1 comment:

Suzie said...

Jon wants to know if you will still think it is fun when you have to go out and mow the lawn when it is 100 degrees outside!? Oh, wait...that is why we have kids! ha!

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