Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emily's Second Grade Trip

If you know our family, you know that we are big believers in rites of passage... Special events in our lives that signal a change, new growth... My friend Denise McKinney might call them "Mile Markers."

Over the years, we've celebrated several with our kids. We started off with Second Grade Trips. Not sure why; it just felt right. When Josh was in second grade, I took him to Santa Cruz. We spent the night at Mission Springs and enjoyed the Mystery Spot and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. When Jake was in second grade, we did the same thing, except Mission Springs had accidentally given away our room, so we had to go find a hotel in the middle of the night. (We got cool Mission Springs t-shirts out of it!)

Next came the Decade Celebrations. I blogged about Jacob's here.

Josh will soon experience his Manhood Weekend. He's fourteen now, a freshman in high school. It's time to grow up, to set his sights on what it means to be a man of God.

But for this weekend, it's all about Emily. She's our first girl, you know, so this is the first time I haven't been directly involved in a rite of passage in our family.

Luanne picked her up from school yesterday around lunchtime. They went to the mall and did girly things like that. Then they drove east into the Ozark foothills to New Life Ranch, where they spent the night. Today they're back in Tulsa, and as I type this, they're at the Performing Arts Center enjoying Little House on the Prairie: The Musical, starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma. We just finished reading the book a few weeks ago, so I know she is loving it.

I love you, Emily! I know you're having a wonderful weekend... but Thumper misses you!


Unfortunately, Melissa Gilbert fell last night after the show and is currently in the hospital with an injured back... Luanne and Emily had to settle for the understudy. But the show was a hit nonetheless!

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