Monday, November 9, 2009

Please Pray with Us...

I just got this email from good college friends Cal & Lorie Grucelski:

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the mass email but I need others to join me in prayer.

A dear friend of mine, Stephanie, has been in the very long process (going on 2 years) of adopting two children from Uganda, Cynthia, age 5, and Brian, age 8. Stephanie received an email this morning that an orphanage worker has kidnapped 50 children, including Cynthia and Brian. The adoption agency is doing everything it can to find the children but cannot guarantee they will find them all. As is known, in this country there is a history of children being sold into slavery or young boys forced to be soldiers. Please pray for the safe return of these children and for Stephanie. Cynthia and Brian already call her their mom.

The more people that pray . . .

Lorie Grucelski


Re: urgent prayer request

Unfortunately I don't have any updates. The governments have asked the adopters to keep quiet on the web as the investigation is ongoing. They are believing it is a case of kidnapping and extortion.

Please continue to pray for the 50 children and their soon-to-be parents.

THANKS! And I promise to update when I know something concrete!

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Kim said...

As an adoptive parent, I can feel their heartache, and the fear the children must be experiencing right now. I will pray for their safe return and for the welfare of the other children.

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