Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Switchfoot

Easily the most random thing that has happened to me in the last week... On Monday, I was sitting at my desk around 11:15. I saw on Twitter that Switchfoot was going to be playing a "surprise lunchtime concert" at noon at the Qdoba on 71st and Memorial.


It's not that I'm such a huge Switchfoot fan. I can sing a few of their songs. I respect them a lot, but I only have one or two of their albums. Anyway...

I went around the church offices to see who wanted to spontaneously go see a Switchfoot show. Evan, Abby (the day before she gave birth to beautiful Hannah Grace) and I drove up and joined Spencer (the aforementioned Hannah's daddy), Melanie and Kristi... And there, in a tiny little performance area, Switchfoot played a short acoustic set. And when I say "acoustic" I mean Jon with an acoustic guitar standing on a table singing with no mic and Tim and Chad on shakers and backing vocals. And when I say "short," I mean 4-5 songs, including "Meant To Live," "Dare You To Move," "24" and the new single, "Mess Of Me."

It was memorable. I love stuff like this.

One more thing... Several times now, I have benefited from my Twitter use... a free Erin McKeown album, free Wilco tickets and now a free Swtchfoot show. Twitter rocks!

1 comment:

Suzie said...

All four of us are huge Switchfoot fans! I would have taken my kids out of school to go see that! Wow!

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