Friday, December 25, 2009

A Beautiful Change of Plans

Well, all of our plans for a beautiful Christmas Eve at Redeemer (read about them here) got turned upside-down. By 1:30pm, it was apparent that this was going to be no ordinary snowfall. We canceled the 11:00pm service and planned on going ahead with the 5pm and the 7pm.

Then at 3:00, the governor declared a state of emergency and a blizzard warning was declared for Tulsa County. Churches all around the city began canceling services. The sky got darker and the wind started howling. By then there was a lot of sleet coming down, and it was starting to accumulate.

Around 4:00 we decided that it was just too risky to have anyone out in weather like that, so we canceled everything. All the church staff (by that time, it was only a few of us) headed home.

When I got home, the kids were having so much fun outside, sliding down the driveway on their skateboard decks and a boogie board. (We are from California, after all...)

And it snowed and blew and stormed all night long. There was even thunder and lightning! It was remarkable. I haven't had a white Christmas since we lived in Indiana, 13 years ago. And perhaps even more amazing, I was home with my family for Christmas Eve. For the first time since 1999.

We watched "A Christmas Story" and lit a fire in the fireplace. We had dinner together. We got to bed at a decent time. It was awesome. While I'm sorry for the people who put in a lot of work to make Christmas Eve at Redeemer happen, I think for us, Christmas Eve turned out to be even more beautiful than we had planned.

And man, a white Christmas in Oklahoma is a really cool thing. We're loving it.

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